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High-tech Prints

Our brilliant prints are the basis for visual communication on textiles of unparalleled quality and crafts­man­ship. CCS uses a sublimation process in which the dye is evap­o­rated (sublimated) onto the sub­strate. This printing technique has major advantages:

  • Brilliant and reflection-free photos, graphics and texts

  • Abrasion-resistant dyed fibers

  • Lightfast colors

  • Water-based, solvent-free inks

  • Completely odorless

  • Flame resistant
    (DIN 4102 - B1)

  • Washable at 30 degrees Celsius

  • Foldable without stress whitening

Our team of specialists works in two shifts to produce large prints in web widths of up to 3 m and lengths of up to 25m. The flexibility of our textile production process enables us to coordinate both one-off production as well as of large orders simultaneously.

fabric_frame® system

The original fabric_frame® aluminum frames developed by CCS provide the perfect means of showcasing our high-tech prints. Assembling the frames is a breeze: the prints can be mounted onto the frames in just a few easy steps. It's as simple as inserting the silicon strip sewn onto the textile into the groove on the frame, which makes swapping out one printed image for another quick and easy.

fabric_frame® frames can also be covered with prints on both sides and used as upright displays. The frames are incredibly easy to mount using our wall brackets or cable mount system and are also available with acoustic material for noise reduction on request.


fabric_frame® Acoustic

The frames are also available with acoustic material for noise reduction on request because very often acoustics play an equally important role as design and seating options when planning spaces.

The uses of CCS fabric frames are as diverse as the demands of interior design. In the work place they create a pleasant environment, bringing color, design and structure into offices, and reducing noise to enable focused work and open exchange in the same space.


fabric_frame® Light box

The fabric_frame® Light box is a show stopper at the POS, trade fairs and events. Our patented LED fabric back wall with a stan­dard depth of 90 mm provides optimal, uniform backlighting. For smaller formats we also offer a depth of 50 mm. Our high-quality textiles developed exclusively for the Light Box guarantee brilliant prints with breathtaking color in­­ten­sity

The light box can be dimmed as desired and can also be out­fitted with additional acoustic material at depths of 120 mm and greater.

A double-sided model of the fabric_frame® Light box with a depth of 134 mm lit by high-quality LEDs in­te­grat­ed directly into the frame is also available.


Display­ systems

Our fabric_frame® frames are just one option for displaying our high-tech prints: a variety of other display systems are available. Roll-ups and lattice display systems are particularly popular, both of which are also available for purchase through CCS. Backlit lattice systems are also available on request.


Custom solutions

The versatility of the fabric_frame® system means we're able to design and realize cus­tomized, customer-specific solutions. We can produce cubes, cylinders, curved frames, round frames and suspended objects in a variety of eye-catching formats and shapes. We even make custom bar counters and tabletops for use at trade fairs or other events.